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Default Anyone Use Flipbook?

Hey everyone!

I'm new here, from Australia. I'm pretty new to animation, though I've been drawing (esp. cartoons) all my life. And I'm pretty good at it (I draw in a Mort Drucker sort of style.)

I'm currently in the last year of high school, and I'm going to do a 6-8 minute film. I'm going to make mine an animation. Just plain A4 paper and Flipbook Lite.

It's going to be black and white, except perhaps the background. I still don't get how to make the foreground characters solid white, and the rest transparent (so the background can show through). Any pointers?

(This isn't going to be pro animation. I've done a very short animated sequence with A4 paper before, edited it on Final Cut Pro and it plays back well on the TV.)
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