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New Blood
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Default Basic ActionScript 3.0 quick guide please?

I've decided to begin learning AS 3.0. I used to play around with AS 2.0 a lot a few years ago. But know i am sort of lost in the ActionScript world. Have manly been focused on MEL, Python, and PHP. Since i am just gonna make a simple project that has buttons going to the next frame and back, and play the movie on a specific frame, i'll ask here instead of doing a lot of research.

I want the code to be on a single frame instead on different buttons, and movieclips.

It's this simple: I just want to bake a Book inside a flash project. Can you guide me to the codes of like - 'go to the next page' (frame nr, frame Label (want different examples just to expand my AS3.0 knowledge)) - play a movie in side this book (i want examples for IF the movie is in the same scene on a certain frame, OR in a different scene)

Thanks for the help guys!

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Hello, perhaps I understand what you need, for the button back and forth frame-containing movieclip you create two instances two calls (and back_btn froward_btn). Add also the passage of the variables using the addEventListener, with reference to function according to the click of a mouse.

function BackMovie(e:MouseEvent):void {
function ForwardMovie(e:MouseEvent):void {

back_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, BackMovie);
forward_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, ForwardMovie);

Remember that the instances of your movie clip should be called "back_btn" and "forward_btn". If you want to add a reference to a specific scene in this case you need to add another function with the call by the movieclip, the example focuses on the first frame of the second label

function PlayScene(e:MouseEvent):void {
	gotoAndStop(1, "Scene 2"); 
scene_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, PlayScene);
For the transition to a particular page you must make sure to add a dynamic text and a button that clicks to acquire the input value in a variable, what did you create your function, as in previous cases, which will then references to that frame.

Maybe next time post your thread in the "Flash" in Software Specific Subforums.
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