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Mad Modder
The Art of Perfection
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Lightbulb 3D Remaster of Money for Nothing: Progress Report

Challenge Entry -Set In Motion (post your threads here) ->

Happy New Year Everyone...

I want to start by saying, Go Notre Dame!
Notre Dame Theme Song ->

Dropkick Murphys - I'm Shipping Up To Boston - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-64CaD8GXw

Concerning the Challenge, Please Remember...

Originally Posted by Mad Modder View Post
* Note *
This Challenge is Intended to Animate a Scene, Not Rewrite the Book On 3D.
Since it's Going On a New Year I Figure a Year to Finish the Project, Let's Say Due Date December 2013?
Anyone is Welcome to Try, I'm Still a Noob Myself.

My first step in Maya, was getting use to the Interface. A lot of Options, sometimes mind boggling.
Like I said before, Adobe Photoshop skills come in handy. The more you know, the better the pay.

My next step, was to create a Polygonal Model. Some would call this Fundamental.
Some online tutorials have you model a house. I modeled a Church, I started just after the New Year.

Helpful Maya Tutorials ->

Maya 2012 Tutorial Series

Maya 2012 Tutorials

Animation Methods

Helpful Maya Interface Preference ->

Maya 2012-2013 - Adding Old Split Polygon Tool To Your Shelf


Settings/Preferences Tab
Shelf Editor Tab
New Item Tab
Rename: "Whatever You Like" Without the Quotes
Icon Label: "Split P" Without the Quotes
Command Tab
Delete the Current Command and Type "SplitPolygonTool;" Without the Quotes
Save All Settings Tab

Next time, I will post what scene I plan on Animating from the Dire Straits - Money For Nothing Video.

Good Luck.
Mad Modder ;>

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Old 01-19-2013, 08:08 PM   #2
Mad Modder
The Art of Perfection
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Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: TT Production Studios
Posts: 159

*Note* To the Ladies of the Animationforum, I Truely Apologize...
If you feel the video; Dire Straits - Money For Nothing, is derogatory and or sexist in any way.
My initial intension on using this particular video is based on, the idea of Technology. The Origins of 3D Animation.

Gentlemen; "Chicks, refering to women do not come for free."
"They can actually be very expensive, if treated properly."
"The Money for Nothing part, well that all depends on your Forte."

If I get anything from this, it will be that I helped Inspire someone to a Cool Career...Good Luck.

As for the Scene I Plan on Animating, here you go...

I took Screenshots every One Second, for a Total of 36 Frames to create a Visual Representation of the Environment.

This will help with the Positioning of the Objects in the Scene.

Also the Positioning of the Cameras, and the Lighting.

If I was doing the Animation from Scratch, I would have Sketched all the Scenes.

Here is a good Reference for doing a 3D Animation from Scratch. -> http://www.animationforum.net/forum/...ad.php?t=14878

Here is my Work in Progress T Pose.

Basic Shapes, not much to it.

Having a mathematics class this semester helps with the shapes.

Sounds like, someone hasn't been keeping up with the homework.

Good Luck.
Mad Modder ;>


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