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Default Disolves/Fade to black in Flash

I took a course on Flash but this wasn't covered, nor can I find a tutorial on the web.

Is there any easy way to do transitions with fade outs and dissolves?

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Fade to black is pretty simple. Draw a black square that covers the stage. Convert it to a symbol, then add two keyframes with a tween and adjust the alpha properties on each keyframe (black square) from 0 to 100 for a fade out and the opposite for a fade in.

Scene transitions require a lot more work. Every object has to be converted to a symbol then use the above instructions to fade. You have to overlap two scenes (which is a pile of layers) to dissolve from one scene to the next. That's how I've done it anyway and I'm sure there's an easier way.

I'm sure there's some kind of action script that would make that process easier and if there is, I'd love to know where to find it?
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Fade out is easy. Transitions like dissolve are more difficult. One thing I can think of for making a fade to transition is to make a new scene between the transitioning scenes. Depending on if there's any action going on during the transition, make the overlapping sequences in their own animated symbol. Put the 2 symbols on 2 separate layers, and use shape tween and adjust the alpha properties, like vic stated. You may be able to do this without the new scene too.
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Another thing I do at times is after creating the background with many layers, I just export it all and save it as a bitmap. I'll import that one image back in to flash and convert it to a symbol. It's way easier to dissolve one background image than converting every object in the background to symbols.
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